NControl's Past Projects and Installations

NControl works our network of integrators and installers to design develop and install "state of the art" Asset Tracking and Reporting Systems, Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance Systems. Here are some of our more notable installations and integrations.

2016 - Equipment Security and Protection
NControl, with an integrator in the middle east, completed the design and installation of a RFID tracking system that is designed to alert designated personnel (via email and local door alarm) if equipment was being taken from facility without authorization. The system included an applet that allows users to check out items for maintenance and repair. The system also keeps records of all transactions of historic purposes.

2015 - ESS Repair and Maintenance Agreement
NControl proposed and was awarded a multi-year maintenance agreement to maintain and service the ESS (Electronic Security System) at a government installation in the Southern US. This agreement included upgrading and repairing the current equipment to an acceptable standard, and the continued maintenance of all security systems.
Future enhancements include the addition of cameras to monitor different areas.

2014 - Medical Service Equipment Tracking and Control
NControl designed, developed and installed a system designed to monitor specialty medical servicing equipment removed from a secure storage area at a major medical facility in the South West. The system is designed to replace the manual check out system and incorporate an automated system to monitor the storage area and indicate which personnel removed specific medical servicing equipment. The system displays all removed equipment (by personnel) so users can locate equipment quickly. In addition, the system includes an equipment locating device that can be used to scan the technicians repair area for missing equipment.

2014 - Equipment Control Installation
NControl was contracted by a West Coast integrator to provide a system that is designed to alert security personnel if monitored equipment is removed from their facility by non-authorized personnel. The system uses the NEAT system's rule sets to determine if personnel removing items were authorized, if not the system notifies personnel via an integration with a previously installed Paxton Access Control system. In addition, the system has the ability to display the status of items and personnel that removed them via the NEAT AT&R dashboard.
The integrator selected NControl due to our past experience in integrating asset tracking applications with Paxton Access Control Systems.

2013/2014 - Asset Monitoring and Control
NControl designed and engineered an asset tracking system to be used by military personnel to monitor the location of assets in a multi-building facility on the West Coast. The system is designed to monitor and display (tabular and graphically) the last known location of assets as directed in three different locations, using Passive RFID technology. The system's design required that all data be stored within a single location (database) and that personnel could only access the information for their location. Asset enrollment and removal was controlled by a third-party application that sends regular updates to the system.
After the initial installation, NControl also contracted to provide two additional products. The first was a visitor management system that worked in conjunction with the installed hardware, to monitor the location of visitors within the facilities. This product included the ability to check in and out visitors to the facility and a separate application for monitoring visitor location. The second application was also developed to check in and out tools and equipment used within the facility.
Future enhancements include the addition of 3 multi-building locations to the system and expanding the tool tracking application to different areas.

2013 - Video Surveillance Installation
NControl assisted Casino personnel in installing a 200+ camera Video Surveillance System that will monitor all inside and outside activity at a newly-constructed Midwest Casino. The installation included camera placement, wiring and focusing of cameras in all casino locations including the casino floor, cash rooms and back of house, installation of surveillance personnel workstations and workstations for security and gaming personnel.
The owner selected the Dallmeier Hybrid Video Surveillance System that allows for the use of analog and IP cameras. This modularized system is designed to store and connect cameras locally (in data closets) and forward required video to workstations on the Camera's LAN. This system allows the installation of analog cameras in non-sensitive areas and higher quality IP cameras where detailed images are required.

2013 - RFID Surgical Supply Cabinet and Inventory Control
NControl partnered with a Swedish company formed by a world-renowned surgeon to design, develop and install a group of RFID Surgical Cabinets that will be used in a state of the art surgical suite in a European hospital. The cabinets use Passive RFID technology to monitor the cabinets where surgical instruments are stored. Based on surgery needs, medical personnel can search for instruments using an I-Pad application and the system will display the cabinet and shelf location of the instrument. The cabinets are designed to utilize LED lighting to indicate the instrument's location. Additionally, if the item is not in the surgical suite, the users can use the system to search other surgical suites.
The design included the selection of RFID technology and placement in the cabinets, cabinet wiring design, RFID software design and controlling the LED lights, door locks and Ozone Cleaning Preparation. NControl also engineered, designed and constructed the cabinet control cabinet that includes cabinet power supply, network connectivity, Door Lock and LED lighting control. The NEAT system with the addition of the NGate application was used to monitor inventory, perform searches and to control the LED lights to indicate item location.
Future enhancements to the system include the integration of the hospital's central supply that will be used to indicate no or low inventory levels and develop a restocking protocol as well as the ability for surgical personnel to search for items in central supply.

2012 - Passive RFID - Access Control Integration
NControl added a group of Passive RFID readers that would be used in conjunction with an Andover Continuum access control system to control gates and barriers at a state complex in the southeast. The customer had an existing access control system, but wanted the functionality of controlling access using a different credential than a standard proximity card.
NControl select a Passive RFID hardware that could utilize Windshield Tags and entrance mounted RFID readers to control access. This product offered the ability to read tags at a distance of 20 to 30 feet and pinpoint the read location so vehicles passing by would not have any effect.
These RFID readers would see tags on vehicles at the entrances and forward information to the access control system that would grant access based on the user. Integrations of these readers sped up the time that personnel took to enter into secure parking areas.

2012 - Video Surveillance Equipment Upgrade
NControl was contracted by an Indian-owned Casino to assist with upgrading their Honeywell Video Surveillance System to a Dallmeier Video System. The upgrade includes the installation of the Dallmeier Video Surveillance equipment, the changeover of cameras from the Honeywell System to the Dallmeier System, installation of new Surveillance Workstations and Monitors and the removal of old equipment.
The casino required that this conversion had to occur while the casino was in operation and without the loss of sensitive video. By utilizing the casino's and manufacturer's upgrade plan, we were able to complete the conversion without incident.
In addition to the conversion, NControl installed an additional 200 cameras and equipment to cover three newly-constructed areas on the casino property.

2010 - CAC Card Integration with TAC System
NControl designed and engineered an access control solution for a multi-state U.S. Military Engineering and Construction Group. Their installation was using a TAC Access Control System along with CAC cards to grant access to doors in buildings on their three sites. The Proximity readers used for the initial installation were marginal at best, and were constantly failing due to weather conditions.
We were able to use our RFID integrating experience to develop a method to upgrade the readers to more reliable HID Proximity Readers, without a major TAC equipment upgrade. NControl was able to accomplish this upgrade quickly, without preventing door access, and saved this group thousands of dollars in equipment upgrade costs.

2010 - Active RFID Automotive Dealership Inventory Control
NControl partnered with a California company to offer an Inventory Control - Asset Tracking system to Automotive dealerships. This system used Active RFID readers that were located in inventory areas and access points and tags in vehicles, to track the vehicles location in the facility. Personnel would use the NEAT System to determine the location of vehicles, saving time normally spent looking for vehicles.
In Addition to the Asset Tracking piece, the system used the NGate application and our Parent/Child Subsystem to control access in and out of the vehicle inventory areas by mounting RFID readers at the access points along with gates. The NEAT System would require that two different tags be seen in the gate area at the same time (a salesman tag and a vehicle tag) before the gate would open. This prevented unauthorized personnel from removing vehicles from the inventory area. When these two tags were seen together at the gate, the NEAT System would send a command to open the gate and record the transition in the system.

2009 - Active RFID Personnel Tracking and Access Control Integration
To combat personnel security risks, NControl was contracted to upgrade the access control system at a State House campus in the Southern United States. This campus contains seven buildings and a three level parking complex. There were three buildings with limited access control with no limitations to move between buildings. The upgrade included the addition of 84 doors to the access control system, three parking complex entrances and upgrading some access control equipment that had been installed fifteen years earlier.
The final installation secured the parking area from general access and offered a secondary level that prevents any unauthorized personnel in the parking complex to enter secure buildings. All access between buildings was controlled and all non-public access buildings are secured.
A portion of this upgrade included the installation of Active RFID readers that would be used to monitor the location of personnel on the campus. The RFID readers were installed in place of standard Proximity Card Readers and were used to grant access to secured doors. NEAT Enterprise is used to monitor the readers and when a tag is seen, the personnel information from the tag is forwarded to the Access Control System for authorization. Utilizing Active RFID readers in this form allowed the access control and tracking system to use a single credential. Active RFID readers were also installed.