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NControl announces the opening of our Southern Division Office in Columbia, South Carolina. Contact us for all of your Access Control, CCTV and Asset Tracking needs...

RFID Asset Tracking and Control Systems

Where most hardware vendors develop token software applications to promote the sale of their hardware product, NControl sought to offer customers an alternative solution, more notably recognized as the NEAT® Systems. The NEAT Systems combine any Asset Tracking hardware and state of the art NControl software and combines it into a complete Asset Tracking solution.       Read More

NControl RFID Tracking Systems Include:


Asset Tracking and Control Systems

The NEAT System takes standard Asset Tracking to the next level by offering a group of Rule-Sets that can be used to make decisions and perform actions when Assets are seen.

Highlights of NControl's NEAT System:

• Use any type of RFID tracking hardware or even different types of hardware in a single solution.

• Use a single NEAT installation to track different types of assets.

• Search for event activity by location or assets involved

• Automate manual functions and save money and resources

Don't just track - Control !

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NControl RFID Tracking Systems Include:


Tool Check In/Out System

CIOS instantly tells users which items are in their item storage area and which ones have been removed. Ideal for tracking tools, inventory, computers or anything that is stored in a single area.

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Keg Track

Brewery Inventory Tracking

Keg Track monitors brewery inventory and displays kegs, whether empty or filled, contents and location in facility. Users also know when kegs were shipped and to where.

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NControl RFID Tracking Systems Include:

NEAT - Passive

NEAT for Passive RFID Hardware

Uses Passive RFID hardware to report the last known location of all assets in your facility and can be configured to display if assets have entered or left the facility.

Highlights of NControl's NEAT Passive System:

• Use any type of IP-enabled Passive RFID tracking hardware.

• Search for event activity by location or assets involved.

• Establish Directional Gateways to shown asset directionality through doorways.

• Includes a reader wizard to set up new readers for use with the system.

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NControl RFID Tracking Systems Include:


Auto Dealership Vehicle Tracking

NVTS shows the location of all vehicles at an auto dealers facility, controls access to sales lot areas, prevents unauthorized use and allows salespeople to quickly find vehicles for potential customers.

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Facility Control

Facility Tracking and Gate Control

The Facility Control system combines the features of an access control system with an asset tracking system. RFID readers allow seamless access in and out of the facility and the system instantly displays all assets in and out of the facility.

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NControl RFID Tracking Systems Include:


Patient Elopement Protection System

The Patient Elopement Protection System uses RFID readers to monitor exit points at a hospital or other medical facility and notifies personnel if patients attempt to exit the facility.

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NControl Access Control System

The NAct system enhances a standard access control system adding long-range RFID readers. This system allows access without having to stop, roll down a window and present a credential. These system is ideal for location with heavy truck or vehicle traffic.

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Access Control

From single door control to mutliple-location enterprise systems, NControl can help you secure your location.

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Video Systems

NControl installs Pelco, Axis, Bosch Systems and services most others. Contact us for help with your video system.

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Custom Software

Need Software? NControl can design and develop custom software for your asset tracking requirements.

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