NControl's NEAT Group of RFID Tracking Systems.
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NControl Enterprise Asset Tracking Group of Tracking Systems

The NEAT System takes Asset Tracking to the next level by offering a group of Rule-Sets that can be used to perform actions when Assets are seen. Use a single NEAT installation to monitor multiple locations, track different types of assets and determine asset directionality. Don't just track - Control !
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Use these NEAT options to enhance your tracking system
NEAT - Alarm Service
This service generates alarms when predefined events occur, such as an assets leaving an area, or in an unauthorized area. When an alarm event is identified by NEAT, the alarm message will be sent to designated workstations on the network.
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NEAT - Gate/Camera Control Module
Use RFID tracking hardware to access secured doors or activate cameras when assets are 'seen' in the area. The Gate/Camera module can be managed using NEAT Rule Sets or can integrated with established access control systems.
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NEAT - Visitor System
Adds the ability to monitor visitor location by using the established RFID reader network. Users can check in and out visitors on a tablet or smart phone and monitor them as they move around the facility. Great in the event of emergencies !
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NEAT - Time and Attendance
This module tracks and displays amount of time personnel have been in a facility. As time clocks are dependent on personnel manually entering information (clocking in and out), the Time and Attendance subsystem does it automatically.
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