NControl's NEAT Group of RFID Tracking Systems.
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NControl Enterprise Asset Tracking Group of Tracking Systems

NEAT Patient Elopement Protection System
The NEAT PEPS system prevents patients from leaving your facility by monitoring exit points for RFID tags worn by patients. If a patient is at an exit door, a door alarm will sound and notification will be forwarded to the nurses' station.
Know if someone is leaving - before it happens !

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NEAT Item Check In and Out System
NControl's Item Tracking and Control System monitors items as they move into and out of a storage area. Users can view current storage area inventory, which items are removed and when it was taken. Ideal for Tool Tracking, High Value Inventory Control and Vehicle Motor Pool Control.

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NEAT Facility Tracking and Control
Use NControl's Asset Tracking and Control System to monitor personnel and control access into your facility, all with one system. Use Facility Control to know who is in your facility, how long they have been there and ensure that only authorized personnel get in !

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The NEAT System takes Asset Tracking to the next level by offering a group of Rule-Sets that can be used to perform actions when Assets are seen. This scalable system can track different types of assets, determine asset directionality, control doors, generate workstation alarms, activate Video Cameras and offers two-man rule of increased security.
Don't just track - Control !

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